Our Values

At Inspire, we love helping others get strong in mind and body and feel good about themselves.  

We place a lot of value on improving or maintaining mental health, and we aim to create an environment where people can improve their physical fitness, self-esteem and well-being while enjoying a sense of community and belonging.  

We are both down to earth caring people who love to laugh, have fun and always keep it real.  

All of our classes have an emphasis on functional movement for daily life, and are suitable for ‘any body’. 


I love teaching Group Fitness. I love seeing people develop, become fitter, stronger and grow in confidence.  There is nothing better than seeing someone from the ‘back row’ push their way to the front.  Providing a supportive, inclusive, caring environment is really important to me, to allow everyone to be themselves in their own safe space.



I believe movement is medicine. I want to bring the world of fitness to people of any age and body, as well as foster a warm and supportive community that goes beyond physical fitness alone.  A healthy body is just one part of all-round wholistic wellness.