I love teaching Group Fitness. I love seeing people develop, become fitter, stronger and grow in confidence.  There is nothing better than seeing someone from the ‘back row’ push their way to the front.  Providing a supportive, inclusive, caring environment is really important to me, to allow everyone to be themselves in their own safe space.


As a child I was always sporty, I was the annoying kid at school who was always good at whatever sport was on the PE rota.  I started doing childhood sports like Judo and Gymnastics.  The highlight was my sister and I spending our bus fare money on slush puppies while walking home.     Trampolining was the love of my life and the that took all my teenage years.  My parents often had to sit through a few ‘hairy’ moments during competitions.     The highlight of my career was representing Scotland in the Under 21s in The Netherlands.  Really special times and very happy memories.


When I ‘retired’  I started going to the gym and found the studio.  A place of magic and beauty.  To a musically motivated person, I’d found my place in life.  In true style, I was never out of there and was so inspired by some of the instructors I met, I knew this was what I wanted to do and instead of singing while doing the class, I may as well be teaching.    It made me feel good about myself taking part in classes and really helped my confidence.  My self-esteem improved and that helped me cope with different life challenges.


17 years on and I’m still loving it.  The magic of working out with other people is really special and the friendships I have forged over the years are now lifelong.   I’m learning new things all the time and it’s true that every day is a school day.   The learning never stops and if I’d said to any of my friends that I’d be teaching Yoga, after I came bouncing out of another high energy class – they would have laughed.  It’s the whole body – the physical body and the mind.   The chaotic and the peaceful. 


When I’m not teaching or hanging upside down on my yoga stool, I’m a Business Analyst.    I know – you never saw that coming!!!  A proper adult job and a crazy dog lady who loves travel, family and friends.     



Qualifications include: L2 Exercise to Music; Body Balance; My Kind of Yoga with Ann-See Yeoh; Restorative Yoga through Yoga International; Pilates; SH1FT family of classes, SH1FT, L1FT, M1ND, R1ZE;  MOSSA Group Centergy, MOSSA Group Fight.  Hatha Yoga – British School of Yoga.  I’m also currently undergoing Yoga teacher training for children with Special Needs.