Days Building Up To Your Class


Make sure you have read and understood the Client Agreement.


Make sure you have read, understood, and completed the online Safety Agreement.


Tell us about any health issues, individual needs or injuries you may have

The Day of Your Class


Avoid exercising after a full meal. If needed, a small snack 45 minutes before your workout is ok.
Make sure you have appropriate clothing and footwear.
Clear a safe space for exercise.
Log in to the Zoom meeting for your class at least 5 minutes before start time

During Your Class



Make sure you can see us and we can see you.  For Yoga or Pilates, make sure all four corners of your mat are visible.
Communicate by un-muting yourself to speak, or by typing a message in the Zoom chat box. You can make your message private if you prefer.
Drink water or take a break any time you need to. 
Have fun!  


Following Your Class


Keep drinking water post-exercise.
Send us any feedback you may have.
Book in for your next class!